Our EMLE alumni in Nepal

“After completing the Oxford Policy Fellowship at the Ministry of Finance in Uganda, I decided to return back to Nepal and empower the youth here. Which is why I joined the faculty at Kathmandu University School of Law. Recently we introduced a degree in Economics and Law. This is the first time such a degree is being offered in Nepal. I currently teach Contract Law, and my learnings at EMLE pertaining to cost, benefit, efficiency, transaction costs in contract law have been very helpful.

My batchmate at EMLE, Ms. Azadeh Daheshmand, visited Nepal last week and I had invited her to the university. She gave a lecture to the first batch of students on the importance of economic analysis of law. She also comforted the students by sharing her own experience of being Iran’s second batch of economic law student (before joining EMLE) and how initially she was nervous about this path. She mentioned how economic analysis of law helped her diversify her thought and broaden her perspective. My students were inspired.”

– Prajwal Gyawali –