Local Coordinator

Photo of Georg Ringe

Prof. Georg Ringe is Professor of Law at the University of Hamburg and Director at the Institute of Law & Economics. He also teaches at the University of Oxford where he is Visiting Professor on a continuous basis, Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of European and Comparative Law and an associate member of the Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance. He has held visiting positions at various institutions in Europe and North America, including Columbia Law School and Vanderbilt University. He is a co-founder and editor of the Journal of Financial Regulation, which has been published by Oxford University Press since 2015. Professor Ringe has been involved in policy work with the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Financial Stability Board. His current research interests are in the general areas of Law & Finance, comparative corporate governance, capital and financial markets, insolvency law and conflict of laws. More information can be found here.

Teaching Staff

Anne von Aaken

Prof. Anne van Aaken is the Alexander von Humboldt Professor for Law and Economics, Legal Theory, Public International Law and European Law, and Director of the Institute of Law and Economics. She was a Professor at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland from 2006-2018. Until 2017, she was the Vice-President of the European Society of International Law. At present, she is a member of the EUI Research Council and a member of several editorial boards i.a. of the American Journal of International Law, European Journal of International Law, and International Theory. Her research focuses i.a. on Public International Law with a focus on International Economic Law and Behavioral Law and Economics. She currently works in behavioral economics/psychology of International Law. Prof. Anne van Aaken teaches Economic Analysis of International Law in the second term, and Law and Economics of International Trade and Investment in the third term in Hamburg. More information about her can be found here.

Thomas Eger

Prof. Thomas Eger is emeritus professor of the University of Hamburg. He studied economics in Marburg and Zagreb and received his doctorate at the University of Paderborn. He completed his habilitation “An economic analysis of long-term contracts” at the University of Kassel. After becoming associate professor in Kassel he has been professor at the University of Hamburg and director of the Institute of Law and Economics. His main research areas are the economic analysis of law, institutional economics and European integration. More information can be found here.


Prof. Stefan Voigt is director at the Institute of Law & Economics at Hamburg University. He is a fellow with CESifo (Munich) and has been affiliated with the International Centre for Economic Research (ICER) in Torino, Italy. Previous positions include chairs at the Universities of Marburg, Kassel, Ruhr-University Bochum, a fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin, and a research fellow position with the Max-Planck-Institute for Research Into Economic Systems. His research focuses on the economic effects of constitutions. More specifically, current research focuses on values and norms of refugees and informal institutions in general. Voigt is one of the editors of Constitutional Political Economy and a member of various boards including those of Public Choice and International Review of Law and Economics. Voigt has consulting experience with both the public and the private sector. He has worked with the World Bank, the European Commission and the OECD but also with the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT). Additional information can be found here.

Jerg Gutmann

Jun.-Prof. Jerg Gutmann is Juniorprofessor for Behavioral Law and Economics. He teaches the Introduction to Microeconomics in the first term and Empirical Legal Studies in the second term in Hamburg. He does research in public law and economics, political economy, and empirical economics. More information is available on his website.

Eva van der Zee

Jun.-Prof. Eva van der Zee is Juniorprofessor for International Law with a focus on behavioral Law & Economics. She was a Postdoctoral researcher in International/EU Economic Law and behavioural Science at the Wageningen University in The Netherlands. Her research focuses i.a. on Behavioural Law and Economics, Legal Theory, Sustainable Development and Human Rights. She teaches Introduction to Law in the first term in Hamburg. More information about her can be found here.

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Dr. Roee Sarel is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Law & Economics in Hamburg. He is both a lawyer and an economist. His dual-background includes a doctorate in Economics from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and degrees in law and business (LL.B & M.B.A) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Previous positions include a lecturer & lab manager post-doc at the Economics department of the Frankfurt School of Finance; an associate lawyer at a Litigation & Banking department of Yigal Arnon & Co. law firm; and various research and teaching assistant positions in law, economics, and finance. His research combines empirical, experimental, and theoretical methodologies and focuses on topics such as crime, pro-social behavior, trust & cooperation, and judicial incentives. Roee has published in the Journal of Legal Studies and his work has been presented in leading international conferences, such as the American Law & Economics Association, European Association of Law & Economics, and American Economic Association. More information can be found on his website.


Dr. Stephan Wittig is currently a Brandon Research Fellow at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge. He studied Economics and Finance in Bonn, Zurich and Vancouver, and acquired his Master in Economics from the University of Bonn. During his Ph.D. in Law and Economics, he was a member of the German Research Foundation’s (DFG) Graduate School for Law and Economics at the University of Hamburg. Since 2006, he is a Lecturer at the EMLE programme. He spent a year as Visiting Researcher and Visiting Fellow at Yale Law School in New Haven, CT, and researched at the European University Institute in Florence, as well as at the European Commission Directorate-General for Trade. His research focuses on Public International Law, Trade and Finance. He obtained his Master of Law (LL.M.) from the University of Cambridge and became a Brandon Fellow in 2012. This fall, he teaches the courses “Formal Methods” and “Foundations of Law and Economics I: Microeconomics”. Additional information can be found here.