Aix-en-Provence Legal Framework for the Digital Economy & Competition Law Applied to New Business Models


Barcelona Advanced Course on Intellectual Property

Barcelona Law and Economics of Innovation


Ghent Corporate Governance and Finance

Ghent Economics of Contract Law

Ghent Economics of Intellectual Property Law

Ghent Competition Law


Haifa Introduction to the Economic Analysis of Public Law

Haifa Concepts in Microeconomics

Haifa Concepts & Methods


Hamburg Concepts & Methods 19-20

Hamburg Introduction to Law 19-20

Hamburg Public L&E 19-20 

Hamburg Private L&E 19-20

Hamburg Micro 19-20

Hamburg Competition 22-23

Hamburg International L&E 22-23

Hamburg Empirical Legal Studies 22-23

Hamburg Corporate Governance & Finance 22-23

Hamburg Constitutions 19-20

Hamburg Trade and Investment 21-22

Hamburg European L&E 20-21


Mumbai Law and Economics of Institutions

Mumbai Law and Economic Development


Experimental Approaches to Law Making and Regulation

Better Regulation


Rotterdam Introduction to Law

Rotterdam Economic Analysis of Public Law

Roterrdam Concepts and Methods

Rotterdam Private Law

Rotterdam Introduction to Micro

Rotterdam Empirical Legal Studies

Rotterdam Corporate Governance & Finance

Rotterdam Competition Law&Econ

Rotterdam Markets, Corporations and Regulators Moot Court

Rotterdam Advanced Economics of Regulation


Warsaw International Corporate Governance

Warsaw International Financial Market and Regulations


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