Local Coordinator


Dr. Jaroslaw Beldowski has a doctoral degree from the University of Silesia and an LL.M in European Union Law from the Catholic University of Leuven. He is the recipient of several scholarships abroad, e.g. the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Open Society Institute (Chevening Scholar) at the University of Oxford as well as the Flemish Community in Flanders and the Robert Schuman Foundation in Luxembourg. He combines two career paths, namely academic and professional. For the latter he is currently the Counsel within Banking and Finance at Dentons Warsaw. He is also the President of the Polish Association of Law and Economics (PSEAP), which he helped found in 2005. His research in law and economics focuses on contract law, banking and finance and courts. He is the author and co-author of many articles and research papers on these topics.

Teaching Staff


Prof. Leszek Balcerowicz is the Head of the International Comparative Studies Department at the Warsaw School of Economics. He has previously served as the Minister of Finance (1989-1990, 1997-2000) and as Governor of the Polish National Bank (2001-2007). Prof. Balcerowicz was a fellow at the University of Sussex (1985) and the University of Marburg (1988) as well as a visiting lecturer at universities in Austria, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Japan, India, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania and the USA. Between 1992 and 2000, he was the Chairman of the Council in the Center for Social and Economic Research (CASE). Prof. Balcerowicz is a member of the European Economic Association and the Polish Society of Economists. Nowadays, Prof. Balcerowicz is board chairman of the Civil Development Forum. He is the recipient of an honorary doctorate from the University in Aix-en-Provence, the University of Sussex, De Paul University of Chicago, the University in Bratislava, Viadrina European University, the University in Lima, George Mercator University in Duisburg and several Polish universities. He has authored several books and numerous journal publications. His research interests are institutional economics (impact of property rights, political systems, monetary policy, financial systems and taxes on economic development) and economics of transition.

Agnieszka Slomka-Golebiowska

Dr. Agnieszka Slomka-Golebiowska is an Associate Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics. Previously, Director in the Industrial Development Agency responsible for corporate governance, restructuring and privatization (2006-2009), Professor Assistant at the University of Muenster (2003-2004) and consultant in Arthur Andersen (2000-2002). Since 2006, she sits on the supervisory boards. She holds Ph.D. in Economics and M.Sc. in Finance and Banking from Warsaw School of Economics, as well as MBA from the French Institute of Management. She received prestigious awards including Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship and Polish-American Fulbright Fellowship as well as was visiting scholar at universities in Berkeley (Haas), Cambridge (MIT), Tucson (UOA), Munster, Copenhagen (CBS), Birmingham (BBS), Berlin (HSoG) and Vienna (WU). The author of numerous articles in professional journal and books on corporate governance.


Dr. Wiktor Wojciechowski is a senior lecturer at the International Comparative Studies Department at the Warsaw School of Economics. Between 2005-2008, Dr. Wojciechowski headed the Department of Labour Market Macroeconomic and Structural Analysis research team at the National Bank of Poland. Currently, he is a member of the management board and director of the Analitical Team at the Civil Development Forum Foundation. His research interests include institutional determinants of labour market performance, economic analysis of market deregulation, labour market reforms and labour relations. Dr. Wojciechowski is the author of several articles about the labour market in Poland and other EU countries.