Nadia Cook

At the time of applying for the European Masters in Law and Economics (EMLE), I was in the process of completing my last year as a trainee solicitor. I had studied law for five years prior to this, completing the LLB Law (Hons). My love for European culture and travel was the first driver leading to my decision to apply for the EMLE programme. Alongside my passion for research and continuous academic learning, my interest in innovation, and the interplay between law and economics and their impact on society.

Before studying the EMLE, I knew I wanted to work in the legal sphere, but had not yet made my mind up as to the specific area of law. I believe that studying on the EMLE Masters programme provided me with an extra edge in interviews with potential future employers. The majority of employers and recruiters I have been in contact with were very interested in the multi-disciplinary studies I undertook through the EMLE, and had many questions to ask in regards to my experience. Just two weeks after submitting my EMLE thesis I successfully interviewed with an International law firm, and was offered a role as a Travel and Tourism Solicitor. I now specialize in cross-border litigation disputes representing large insurance companies, and have experience in challenging the jurisdiction of the court. I believe that my Masters studies contributed to my success in securing my current job role. After all, how many candidates can confidently say at an interview that they have graduated with a Masters from three different universities in the space of one year?

Nadia Cook (United Kingdom)

[EMLE Student 2020/2021]