Javeria Maryam

I am really happy to start my EMLE course term 1 at Rotterdam. In the span of approximately one month, this place has already started to feel like a home away from India and I would say the credit goes to my ‘Dutch landlady’ whom I met via Housing Anywhere and the EMLE management team who are trying their best to make us comfortable here. Rotterdam as a city is vibrant, beautiful, and acceptable to everyone. I get a sense of freedom here and each day I look forward to learning more about the culture of this beautiful city and country (Netherlands). So far, the EMLE course is interesting and brings perspectives about understanding the interdisciplinary connections of law and economics. The faculty at EUR are trying to make us understand the course through brainstorming and internal discussions. I would especially like to mention our microeconomics professor, Mr. Aad, who is trying to make microeconomics easier to understand for both law and economics background students. Not only does he give the lectures, but in-class exercises and tutorials are very helpful for students. I would like to mention that through this programme I am comprehending my knowledge on the subjects of law and economics and simultaneously have the opportunity to exchange ideas and understand the cross-cultures of various countries with my classmates. In the coming months, I look forward to having more experiences with my new friends!

Javeria Maryam (India)

[EMLE Students 2023/2024]