Guilhem Delon-Saumier

EMLE is a program that enables lawyers and economists to meet in order to build and develop a multidisciplinary approach that is essential for understanding the complex issues of our globalized societies. An in-depth knowledge of the behaviour of economic agents on the markets coupled with a solid grasp of the legal environment in which the latter make their decisions are today essential prerequisites for efficient and coherent decision-making in the professional world.

EMLE offers multiple advantages. In addition to the academic excellence offered by the course content, I have had the opportunity to study in different countries and to make friends with people from all over the world. An experience rich in pleasure, sharing and discovery. The students all have very varied profiles, offering a stimulating cocktail of cultural, linguistic, geographical and intellectual enrichment.

After spending my first term in the Netherlands and my second in Germany, I flew to India, with, at the end of the adventure, an unforgettable experience and a year that will remain marked by strong moments of emotion and adventure.

Guilhem Delon-Saumier (France)

[EMLE Student 2018/2019]