The EMLE Midterm Meeting will take place on 14 February 2020 at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. This will be a very special Midterm Meeting as we are celebrating 30 years of the EMLE Family!

The meeting will be start with the academic part. If you are interested to present in the scientific workshops, please follow this link to find the call for papers. There will be 12 slots available for paper presenters.

After lunch, we will continue with several sessions for our associate partners, students, graduates, alumni and all friends of the Economic Analysis of Law.

One of the highlights will be the graduation ceremony of our 29th academic year in the Theaterzaal of the Erasmus Paviljoen in the heart of the Campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The evening will include a celebration of 30 years of the EMLE programme and family and the history of Law and Economics. A special themed keynote lecture will be held by the first EMLE programme director, Prof. em. Boudewijn Bouckaert (University of Ghent).

The day will be concluded with a festive dinner close by the University campus. Visit our website frequently to find out details about the program, the registration link and further details!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Rotterdam in February!