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Applying for an Erasmus+ Scholarship

In the academic year of 2017/2018 a total of eight scholarships were available. Whether the scholarships will also be granted in the upcoming academic year 2018/2019 will depend upon a successful reapplication to Erasmus+ funding in spring 2018.

Please check our website regularly for updates.

All non-European EMLE applicants are automatically considered for one of the available scholarships unless they decline. There is no need to apply separately for the scholarships.

The scholarships will automatically be awarded to the highest ranked applicants.


Should you have any additional questions about our scholarship opportunities, please contact the EMLE management team at info[at]emle.org

Applying for multiple Erasmus+ programmes

The European Commission has asked us to inform you that applicants can apply for a maximum of three Erasmus+ courses.

Applicants who apply to more than three programmes will be excluded from a scholarship!

Previous Scholarship Holders

Students who have already received an Erasmus+/Erasmus Mundus scholarship in previous years cannot be considered for a subsequent Erasmus+ scholarship.

This also holds for students that were granted an Erasmus+/Mundus scholarship and dropped out of the programme before the end of the programme.

Fee Waivers

The twelve highest ranked admitted non-European applicants without an Erasmus+ scholarship will be offered a partial tuition fee waiver. Their fee will be reduced by €4,000 to a total of €5,500.

Also the four highest ranked European applicants are awarded with partial tuition fee waivers. Their tuition fee will be reduced by 3,000 to a of 2,500.


Scholarship opportunities for EMLE students

The European Union provides attractive scholarship opportunities for EMLE students:

1. First, the Erasmus+ Programme offers generous grants to non-European students.

2. Second, students that either spend the first or second term in Hamburg (but not both) may benefit from the Erasmus Mobility Grants.

3. Furthermore, the twelve highest-ranked admitted non-European applicants and the four highest-ranked admitted European applicants will be offered a partial tuition fee-waiver of 4,000 or 3,000, respectively.
Please follow the links for more information.

Should you have any additional questions about our scholarship opportunities, please contact the EMLE management team at info[at]emle.org.


Other Scholarship opportunities


Please check the options for scholarships from organizations in your own countries to study abroad. We are currently compiling a list of organizations that have been sponsoring our students in the past years, which will be published here soon. At this point you can send an inquiry about this to info[at]emle.org. Also, visit the pages of the international offices at your EMLE host universities to search for funding options specific to your host countries.


Scholarships for visiting scholars to the EMLE Partner Universities


There are also scholarships for visiting scholars. Prospective visiting scholars should be established researchers in economic analysis of law with a professional affiliation to a prominent university or research institution. Non-European visiting scholars can apply to the Consortium throughout the year.


Full applications, including a CV and a detailed research project, can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

This venue is NOT intended for students. Applications from prospective students or from individuals having no established academic experience in economic analysis of law will NOT be considered.

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Students Voices

Liam Wells


"For me, the EMLE programme was a superb experience. The academic standards were rigorous and the quality of the student cohort was excellent. Having previously studied at two top English Universities, I have no doubt that that the teaching I received at: Rotterdam, Aix-Marseilles and UC Berkeley; was of an equally world-class standard.

Law graduates (like myself) will benefit from studying Law and Economics. The economic perspective brings a wealth of new ideas to the table. I have found these invaluable as I now proceed through my training in London as an environmental and public-law Barrister."

Liam Wells
(United Kingdom)


[EMLE Student 2015/2016]