What happens if I can’t provide the necessary admission documents (English test, certified copies of diploma and transcript)

In case test centers or admission-document issuing authorities are closed due to the Coronavirus, you should inform us immediately. If documents or tests are unavailable due to restrictive measurements, deadlines may be postponed on individual basis and only upon agreement with the EMLE Management Team.


What happens to the start of the academic year 2021-2022?

At this moment we assume that the academic year can start as planned at the three different first term locations in fall 2021. In case any of the three Universities will be closed or cannot be reached due to travel restrictions in your own country or any of the EMLE first term countries, we will find alternative solutions to follow the EMLE classes. This could e.g. be by (temporarily) providing online-classes, though we do expect that regular EMLE classes can resume sooner rather than later. We therefore expect that all students will be present at the their respective EMLE location as soon as classes in person will be re-started and the location can be reached from students’ home countries.


What happens if I am forced to withdraw my admission?

If withdrawals are caused by potential restrictions due to the measurements taken by either EMLE or student home country to prevent spreading of the Coronavirus, tuition fees (first and second instalments) will be reimbursed in total. We ask students to provide sufficient proof in these cases.

If withdrawals are due to any other reason than the Coronavirus, the regular reimbursement deadlines will apply (see “Can my tuition fees get reimbursed?”).

All application conditions have to be provided before the deadline. Should you fail to provide the required documents, your application to the programme is void and will not be reviewed. If you do not pay the application fee, your application will not be considered.

No. The application is completely on-line. As such only electronic copies must be provided. Only once we have admitted students (usually in March), we require the admitted students to send original documents.

In accordance with the official regulations stipulated by the European Commission, an offer or acceptance into the EMLE programme cannot be deferred to the following academic year. As a result, the applicant would have to re-submit his/her application during the following application cycle.
Please note that such applicant, who has previously been accepted, is very welcome to refer to such previous offer in the course of the re-application.

The admission letter contains an allocation for all three terms. By paying the 500 Euro instalment for the tuition fee, an applicant officially accepts the allocation stated in the admission letter.
Should an applicant desire to be reallocated to a more preferred location, she/he should contact the admissions staff. The conditions, deadlines and contact details for such a request are contained in the admission letter.
Please note that reallocation requests can only be accommodated to the extent of available capacities at the respective locations.

Both applicants who cannot accept our offer this year (see above) and declined applicants are most welcome to re-apply for the next academic year.
Please note that a transfer of this year´s results and/or information to the next year is not possible. The application form and the exact requirements normally change between years. For this reason any re-application has to be started fresh (i.e. the application form has to be filled in again and the required documents have to be uploaded).

Due to the large number of applications, the staff cannot provide individualized feedback on your application. You can click here for the relevant rating criteria.

This depends on the instalment and the date. After you have been accepted to the programme, you will be required to pay the programme fee in several instalments: the first instalment of the fee amounts €500 and is due within 2 weeks after your acceptance. By transferring the first instalment, you accept your place in the programme. This fee is non-refundable in case you later decide to leave the programme. The second instalment (€5.000* for Europeans, €9.000* for non-Europeans) is due in June. In case you withdraw, this 2nd instalment will be refunded to 100% if withdrawal takes place before 31 July. If you withdraw before 15 September, 50% of the 2nd instalment will be refunded. If you withdraw after 15 September, no refund will be possible.

The exact due dates and the bank account information will be sent along with the admission letter. Full and timely payment of the porgramme fees is essential in order to finalize your admission. All students are expected to send a copy of the respective transfer slip to the admissions office at their earliest convenience.

*(as of the academic year 2021-2022, this will be 5,500 EUR and 10,000 EUR, respectively as tuition fee will increase to 6,000 and 10,500 EUR)

First of all, only send in hard copies of documents when requested to do so. Applicants do not have to send us any hard copies of their application.

When using regular post:

P.O. Box 1738, L7-33
Burgermeester Oudlaan
3000 DR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

When using track&trace or courier services:

EMLE management office
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA, Rotterdam
Room L7-033 (Sanders building)

If you received an email from the EMLE management that your application was accepted, you will get a choice: accept the spot and wait for an official admission letter with an offer of allocations sent to you and an invoice for the first instalment of 500 Euro or to reject your spot. You can also choose to wait for now until you located funding to participate, but there will be a deadline for your decision to join the program or not.

Once you chose to accept your spot, we will wait until the deadline for this decision has passed to allocate all students who would like to join in that given academic year. After that, every student will receive a personal admission letter with a set of allocations based – as much as possible given the spots at all EMLE partners – on the preferences expressed upon application. Allocation may change if spots become available later on, especially in order to follow preferred tracks. However, this is not always possible and cannot be guaranteed. Third term allocations will be ultimately be decided in December of the academic  year, when a last reallocation for the third term will be offered, as by then, choices for thesis topics will have to be made as well.

If you received an email from the EMLE management that your application was rejected you might appeal to this decision with an email to application@emle.org. You will have to make your case why, based on the application you have submitted before the final deadline in January, your application should be accepted for admission to the program. Please note that no new arguments may be presented besides what has already been submitted before the deadline. The team of reviewers will then review your application again based on your argumentation about why you should be admitted. Please  base your argumentation on our admission criteria as presented in the application section of our website. Our reviewers will address your appeal as soon as possible.

Please note that every year many highly qualified students apply to the EMLE programme and that we accept only applicants who were reviewed with a certain score agreed to by the Joint Selection Committee of the program. It is the reviewer’s task to follow the instruction for application scoring set by the EMLE Board and apply the criteria for admission decided by the Joint Selection Committee.

Same procedure applies to students who were admitted but not selected for an Erasmus+:Erasmus Mundus scholarship. For an appeal, applicants are invited to argue why, based on their application, they should be considered for a scholarship. Their case will presented to the review committee, who will re-evaluate the application. The final decision will be communicated as soon as possible.

If the official application deadline has passed, there still might be the option for late applications to the program. To inquire, please contact the EMLE office at inof@emle.org. Late applications can eventually be accepted if the applications pass the review procedure, if there are still spots at the different University partners and if the application can be submitted still in time for students to join the program from the start. It is possible, that desired tracks or term locations will not be available any longer. Also, late applicants may not be nominated for Erasmus+:Erasmus Mundus (EMJMD) scholarships.