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Thesis supervision in Aix-en-Provence:

Outside of the thesis seminars, each student will discuss the problematic of the thesis, the argumentation and the relevant literature with his/her supervisor. The mode of interaction between the student and the supervisor (deadline for outline, discussion on main arguments, eventual feedback on draft, side meetings with other competent scholars) are set during their first face-to-face meeting that takes place soon after the student’s arrival at Aix-Marseille University.

Prof. Elisabeth Krecké

– Risk management in the banking industry: a law and economics perspective
– The implications of cognitive psychology for the risk regulation in the banking sector
– The Basel Regime of Bank Capital Regulation: an economic analysis
– Assessing the criminal origin of the financial crisis
– The impact of the IFRS accounting system on the banking sector
– The economics of cybercrime
– The protection of privacy in the Internet
– Economic analysis of immigration law: a comparative study
– The “fairness versus efficiency” debate in contemporary law-and-economics
– The uses and abuses of cost-benefit analysis in judicial decision-making

Prof. Pierre Garello

– Competition and Intellectual property rights: possible clashes
– Indirect Land Use Changes: impact of a possible EU regulation
– Bankruptcy law and entrepreneurship
– Impact on Law and Economics of the Doing-business report: a blessing or a curse?
– Do we need to regulate food markets to protect them from speculation?
– An empirical study of the working of competition law (how many cases? What cases? Trends?)
– Doctors’ responsibility: a comparative study
– What’s left of contractual freedom on the job market? Comparing legal systems
– The precautionary principle: its present standing in European Law
– When will European citizens be able to buy their health insurance where ever they want?
– Housing prices and Land-use regulation
– What is the most efficient way to guarantee a long term loan (mortgages, partial self-funding,…) ?
– Should Google pay some kind of royalties to newspapers and other media agencies?
– Non-property private arrangement a la Ostrom (Any case welcomed)
– Is the Kyoto protocol dead and if yes why?

From other Professors:

Topic related to:

– Public-private partnership (with a law professor)
– Auction rules
– Trends in law and economics (with a law professor)
– Topics in competition law (possible cooperation with law firms)
– Topics in law and finance (possible cooperation with law firms)
– State aid and competition law: when are they compatible (with a lawyer)
– Topics with a public choice aspect (with a prof of economics)
– Topics on counterfeiting (with economists)
– Topics on environment and property right (for instance: marine cadastre)