Have a safe trip!

We wish all our students currently travelling in or on their way to their third term a safe trip and success in their last EMLE term. Here you can read more about the first and second term experience of our student Prajwal Gyawali who spent his first term in Hamburg and his second in Rotterdam. He is currently in Haifa and will later on share his experience of studying in this beautiful city as well!

1 picture, 7 nationalities

EMLE gives the great opportunity to travel around Europe and learn the practical and historical aspect of Law and Economics. Coming from Nepal, I had learnt a lot about the European history back in school. Having a different cultural background, a lot of things did not make sense at that point. However, after travelling around Germany, Poland and Netherlands, I understood about the development of property rights after WWII. While travelling to Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, I got to understand the importance of opening up trade and commerce which was restricted during the communist regime. And of course, walking around the historical sites of Italy and France helped me understand the evolution of civil law. The map shows the places my friends and I from all around the globe traveled in the first 2 terms. We have all learnt a lot, and there is a lot to take from EMLE.