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The first and most of the second terms comprise introductory courses as well as core courses on the major topics in the economic analysis of law. In the second term, though, already two specialized courses will be offered, depending on the location chosen (Hamburg, Ghent or Rotterdam). This is due to the new EMLE Track System. Students choose if they would like to earn a specialization in the Public and International Track (Hamburg), the Innovation and IP Track (Ghent) or the Markets, Corporations and Regulators Track (Rotterdam). The choice of the second term University, and therefore the track, leads to a choices of third term Universities to continue the EMLE year and write their EMLE thesis (please see also the general information about the new EMLE Program Structure).




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Students Voices

Liam Wells


"For me, the EMLE programme was a superb experience. The academic standards were rigorous and the quality of the student cohort was excellent. Having previously studied at two top English Universities, I have no doubt that that the teaching I received at: Rotterdam, Aix-Marseilles and UC Berkeley; was of an equally world-class standard.

Law graduates (like myself) will benefit from studying Law and Economics. The economic perspective brings a wealth of new ideas to the table. I have found these invaluable as I now proceed through my training in London as an environmental and public-law Barrister."

Liam Wells
(United Kingdom)


[EMLE Student 2015/2016]