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Thesis supervision in Mumbai:

Students are expected to seek appointments with their thesis supervisors and interact with them quite regularly about the progress of their thesis work. While it is mandatory that students meet their supervisors at least twice, it would be a good practice to meet the supervisors at least once fortnightly. Normally supervisors would expect the students to give them a preliminary draft of the thesis containing a major part of the intended work or at least a presentation thereof, well before the final submission.
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EUA Joint Masters Programme Accreditation by NVAO and ZEvA Erasmus+ Masters Course Erasmus Mundus Association


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Students Voices

ziwei xu

"This program broadens my focus and cultivates me in the interdisciplinary research. I tasted the academic research with multi-aspects as well as the life with multi-cultures.
I was encouraged by the energetic people in the program who are helpful, enthusiastic and intelligent."

Ziwei Xu

[EMLE Student 2009/2010]