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Thesis supervision in Hamburg:

The University of Hamburg seeks to enable the EMLE students to write a master thesis of high quality. To this end, we offer various forms of support. In the the two first terms, brief seminars on various aspects of "academic writing" take place including topics such as "how to find a topic and structure a master thesis", "formal rules", "how to use different sources - including the internet - to find suitable literature" and "how to avoid plagiarism". In the third term, thesis seminars with groups of around 5 to 8 students are organized to intensively discuss the first outline and the progress of the thesis. In addition, a refresher course in "academic writing" is offered. On top of this, each supervisor is prepared to welcome his or her students to discuss specific questions as the need arises. However, in accordance with the practice of most German universities, our supervisors do not read and comment on preliminary drafts of thesis chapters.


Typical Thesis Topics Hamburg:


- The economics of conscription: Why countries choose different draft laws and what will be the consequences.
- Constitutional environmental protection and international environmental agreements: Why (or when) should they matter?
- From settler mortality to genetics: Recent approaches to instrumenting formal and informal institutions
- Competition agencies and regulatory agencies: What is their relationship?
- Social rights in the constitution: More than just cheap talk?
- The political economy of marijuana regulation.
- Alcohol policy and crime: Is there an effect?
- Why and when do countries enter into and violate international human rights treaties?
- Which factors determine whether states allow absentee voting in their electoral law?
- Legislation regarding the protection of whistleblowers, a law and economic analysis.
- Determinants of the organization of military jurisdiction.

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Students Voices

Liam Wells


"For me, the EMLE programme was a superb experience. The academic standards were rigorous and the quality of the student cohort was excellent. Having previously studied at two top English Universities, I have no doubt that that the teaching I received at: Rotterdam, Aix-Marseilles and UC Berkeley; was of an equally world-class standard.

Law graduates (like myself) will benefit from studying Law and Economics. The economic perspective brings a wealth of new ideas to the table. I have found these invaluable as I now proceed through my training in London as an environmental and public-law Barrister."

Liam Wells
(United Kingdom)


[EMLE Student 2015/2016]