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Arsic, Milena

Fundamental Rights and Counter-Terrorism in the Absence of a Bill of Rights: The Australian Case


Cammeraat, Emile

The Effects of Constitutional Commitment to Social Security on Social and Economic Development




Carrión Valencia, Mariana

Fixed Book Prices and their Impact on Mexicans’ Reading Habits


Ivanova, Neli

Judical Reform and its Effect on the Economy. The Case of Bulgaria


van der Staak, Edgar

Excessive CEO compensation matters to us? Not at all! The effect on subjective well-being in Europe





Barbanente, Giulia

International Environmental Agreements and Foreign Direct Investment, a Cross-Country Analysis


Billion, Stephen

Is Underwriter Hold-up a Cause of Too Few IPOs?


Hoeser, Anna Maria

FRANDtastic License Terms in Standards: The ex ante Auction revisited





Hadwiger, Felix:

How deceit can make the market expand or shrink: Some Law and Economics of the Inspections in the Temporary Agency Work Industry


Hlobil, Tobias M.:

Some welfare implications of the right to buy back premature debt


Mielniczuk, Tomasz:

Fine and Punishment: How to effectively fight cartels in the EU in the absence of prison sentences?


Murauskas, Donatas:

Consequences-based Judgements of the Court of Justice of the European Union: Economic Analysis of Law


Somech, Ohad:

Behavioral-Economic Analysis of Negligence: Risk Aversion and Perception of Risk


Speiser, Emily:

The Israeli Bill for the Diminution of Wage Disparities: Law and Economic Analysis of its Justifications





Heine, Dirk:

Acemoglu’s Black Box - Why the contribution of legal property rights to economic growth cannot be linear but must depend on the development stage of a country


Höppner, Sven:

An Economic and Behavioural Analysis of Doorstep Contracts: Surprise, Reciprocation, and Consistency


Mostacatto Sampaio de Andrade, Bianca:

The case for reducing regulatory reliance on credit ratings: Restoring the strength of reputational concerns


Pók, László Gábor:

An old topic in a modern world: A comparative law and economics analysis of bona fide acquisition of movables


Reznichenko, Elena:

Relation between Costs of Constitutional Rights and Criminal Law - United States vs. Germany


Samà, Danilo:

The Antitrust Treatment of Loyalty Discounts and Rebates in the EU Competition Law: in Search of an Economic Approach and a Theory of Consumer Harm


Schoonbeek, Anne-Marie:

Decoupling Economic Ownership and Voting Power


Simonelli, Felice:

The role of the discount rate in the cost-benefit analysis between theory and practice, a survey





Duncombe, Hannah:

Teacher Incentives and Regulation of Education In the UK


Misura, Aleksander:

Law and Economics Investigation of Boards of Directors and Performance of Companies - The case of female directors in Poland


Pustlauk, Maria:

Financial Strategies On The Cap And Trade Market





De Schepper, Marten:

Setting the Right Incentives for Whistleblowers


Mahendra, Vikas Nanjundappa:

Cross Retaliating under the TRIPS Agreement


Newman, Nicholas C.:

When to use Force? A Law and Economics Framework of Anticipatory Self-Defence against Rogue State Nuclear Attack under International Law


Yamin, Nir:

'Political' Enforcement of State Aid Restrictions under the EC-Treaty





Formica, Giovanni:

Law and Economics of Bundling by Non-Dominant Firms


Rajagopalan, Shruti:

The Polluter Does Not Pay Model for Environmental Protection in India


Rachman, Peleg:

Crime Victims Role: An Analysis of Laws and Regulations which Give Crime Victims a Role in the Criminal Prosecution and Litigation Processes





Menkes, Ram Alexander:

An Economic Analysis of Trust, Social Capital, and the Legislation of Trust


Ostrovskis, Valerijus:

The New European Regulation of Horizontal Mergers: Did It Have Any Practical Effect?


Paloyo, Alfredo Ricerra:

Minority Foreign Ownership of Filipino-Controlled Corporations: An Exploratory Study


Vögerl, Christina Maria:

A Law & Economics Analysis of Key Issues in the Implementation or the Consumer Directive on Unfair Terms





Gur, Dana:

Delaying Generic Entry in the EU and the US: A Comparative Law & Economics Analysis


Kleiner, Noam:

Is Systems Competition a Viable Alternative to EU Tax Harmonisation?


Schepens, Tom:

Bridging the Funding Gap - The Economics of Cost Shifting, Fee Arrangements and Legal Expenses Insurance and Their Prospects for Improving the Access to Civil Justice


Souren, Claire:

The Efficiency of a Cooling Off Period


Ziv-Av, Doron:

Competition versus Regulation in the Insurance Market: A law and Economic Analysis of Policy and Institutions





Aflalo, Eti (Ester):

Antitrust Vertical Control Policy in a World of Daughter Companies


Diemer, Christian:

Economic Analysis and the New Enforcement Rules in European Antitrust Law: Has Regulation 1/2003 the Best of Both Worlds?


Fagan, Frank J.:

The Economic Rationale of Sunset Clauses


Lehmann, Volker:

Copyright in the Music Industry - "For whom the bell tolls"


Pinto, Moshe:

The Role of institutional Investors in the Corporate Governance


Rochtus, Luc:

Emu As Contract - A Constitutional Law and Economics Analysis

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Students Voices

joseph pollack

"The opportunities afforded to me by the EMLE program were absolutely wonderful. The dual academic approaches of economic analysis and the legal reasoning means that you come out with policy and strategic understanding. The knowledge received by the EMLE program is encyclopaedic yet somehow profound enough to open many doors, professionally, and academically. I find myself better prepared than most to pursue my research here in Paris."

Joseph Pollack
(United States of America)

[EMLE Student 2011/2012]