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The European Commission's Erasmus+ Programme enables us to select highly qualified non-European students for a scholarship.


The aim of the scholarships is to strengthen European co-operation and international links in higher education by enabling students and visiting scholars from around the world to engage in postgraduate study at European universities, as well as by encouraging the outgoing mobility of students and scholars towards third countries.



What to expect

The scholarship amounts to € 25,000 maximum. From this grant, € 9,000 will be deducted for the tuition fees for non-European (i.e., Partner country) students. € 500 of the tuition fee will be waived. From the grant, a maximum of €4.000 will be paid for installation and travel costs. The remaining € 12,000 will be paid in monthly instalments. Finally, the Consortium covers the grantees' insurance costs.


In the academic year 2017/2018, we are able to offer eight full Erasmus+ scholarships



2. How to apply
All non-European applicants that have paid the application fee are automatically considered for Erasmus+ scholarship. No separate application for the scholarship is necessary.
Please note that applicants can apply for a maximum of three Erasmus+ courses per academic year! Applicants who apply to more than three programmes will be excluded from a scholarship!


Applicants who have already received a previous EMMC scholarship will not be eligible for a grant.


Should you not wish to be considered for a scholarship (i.e. because of limitations of your student grant or due to the fact that you already applied for three other Erasmus+ courses) please check the appropriate box in the on-line application.



3. Selection
The selection is done according to the same criteria as the selection for the EMLE programme as a whole. The scholarships will be awarded to the top ranked applicants of the EMLE selection procedure (subject to restrictions of the Erasmus+ programme). However, if the applicant does not agree with the final decision of the Selection Committee, s/he may appeal from this decision. In order to be valid, the appeal must be in writing, signed and dated, and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 10 days following the publication of the selection outcome.

Please note that in order to ensure a geographical diversity amongst students, the Selection Committee has to respect the following criteria when selecting students for an Erasmus MJMD scholarship – no more than 3 from the same country or with the same nationality will be awarded the scholarship in the same intake. 

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Students Voices

Yong-Fu Chang


"The first day you enter the classroom, you will be amazed by the diversity of the student body, nationality wise and background wise. Do you expect to have a lawyer colleague who is also a pianist? Can you imagine that you say “Guten Tag” when you grab a coffee at a café before your seminar starts and say “Buonasera” when you leave a dinner party the other day? You should be prepared for something more, be prepared for people who open your mind and be prepared for a new prospect for the world. More excitingly you will learn a new research approach that you can apply to your assignments with your colleagues and even to your future career. EMLE is not just another LLM programme in Europe but the LLM."

Yong-Fu Chang
[EMLE Student 2015/2016]